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The Vineyard

Andy explains that "one of the reasons I was keen to buy Meadowgrove was because of the couple of acres of land that the previous owners had used for pigs and sheep. Ever since I did a distance learning course on viticulture and enology from the University of California at Davis, I was itching to grow some vines and make my own wine. Admittedly the first idea had been to do it somewhere vines usually grow well like Southern France or Portugal, but while the kids were still at school and a living had to be earned this was not feasible. So the UK climate would have to do!"

Now Oxfordshire already has some excellent vineyards like Hendred, Bothy and others so perhaps this wasn't such a dumb idea. Admittedly the location at Meadowgrove breaks just about all the rules for vineyard site selection but unfortunately the house and garden were first priority!

Anyway, obviously establishing a vineyard is quite a long term project so these pages chronicle the development as it happened. Enjoy!

Initial Preparation in 2001 Soil Conditions
Planning the Varieties Preparing the Ground
Installing the Trellis Planting Time
First Year's Growth The Vineyard Year
Our First Harvest

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